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Automotive Electrical Care

Automotive Electrical Care involves the care and maintenance of the car battery, engine, electrical wiring and other related components of the car that helps to start the engine and run smoothly.

The complex auto electrical modules are all connected to the clutch, brake and accelerator and hence constitute an important part of the car’s primary functions. The transmission, ignition, combustion and internal entertainment system are all controlled by the Automotive electrical components.

How do you diagnose an auto electrical issue?

  • Creaking and straining noises when the engine is started.
  • Difficulty in operating in-car audio, video systems or the steering and uncoordinated electrical functions
  • Quick drainage of the car battery or improper charging
  • Short-circuit of wires
  • The unusual smell inside the car, resembling burnt plastic
  • Dimmed headlights
  • Difficulty in starting the car engine
  • Throttle control issues
  • Issues with the cooling system of the car
  • Fuel emission disorders

Nursing your car back to health

Older cars need maximum care. Maintenance checkups and diagnosis of the car’s health is mandatory. This is because cars with higher mileage will invariably undergo corrosion of the rotating gears, causing other kinds of malfunction of the systems.

The battery health is to be verified and diagnosed frequently along with throttle body cleaning procedures. An advisable tip to maintain battery health, efficiency and unexpected drainage is to replace the car battery every four years.

What can we do for you?

At Portmill Auto Care, we accurately detect all kinds of car issues with the help of exceptional technological expertise and suggest the most feasible solution.

Handle all maintenance and repair works by employing the best of resources to provide the economic fixes and long-term protection.

Without a second thought, get your car to our repair garage at Portmill Engineering Limited Auto Care, Thamesmead and leave your precious four-wheeler to our hands.

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