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A brake repair is one of the primary objectives of a thorough car maintenance service. It is an intrinsic safety measure and consists of a number of modules that make up the whole structure. A brake is not just a simple pedal below the steering, but an entire system of the car driving edifice.

Hear the Warning Bells

  • The hard brake pedal tends to feel slightly spongy when you press against it. You may also feel a throbbing sensation from the brake.
  • Does your car often screech to a halt, even when you gently step on the brake?
  • Does your ABS warning light keep blinking whenever you start the engine?
  • Do you face difficulty steering your car to the position after you have applied the brake?
  • Does your brake feel stuck sometimes and refuse to return to the original position easily after being applied?

If you face any of these difficulties in your vehicle, you should visit the auto service centre as soon as possible, without any further delay.

Types of Brake Repair

  • The Brake pad or shoe replacement
  • Brake bleeding is a process of draining the entire brake fluid, cleaning the lines of dirt and sediments and replacing it.
  • Master cylinder replacement

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