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The air conditioning system

The car air conditioning system is mainly installed to provide a comfortable driving and travelling. A heated car is extremely uncomfortable to travel in and cause health problems as well.

The air conditioning system works best in low humidity weather conditions, than compared to high humid conditions. If not maintained or tended to in time, it can lead to decreased cooling, bacteria build up and unpleasant odour inside the car.

What’s not cool?

  • The car air conditioner blowing hot air.
  • Compressor refuses to start
  • Oily deposition or leaking refrigerant near the AC vents or AC connection points.
  • Electrical issues causing difficulty in turning on or functioning of the AC
  • Problems with the cooling fans
  • Unwanted noise whenever the AC is turned on
  • Unpleasant scents from the air vents
  • Increased consumption of battery power and reduced efficiency of the car.

What can be done?

  • Regular maintenance services, especially if your vehicle is ageing.
  • Cleaning of the air vents
  • Examination for blockages with the condenser
  • Checking every connection point for any kind of leakage of the refrigerant
  • Checking evaporation functions
  • Repair of the compressor
  • Checking for related wiring and electrical issues

We can help you

How about stopping by at the Portmill Engineering Limited Auto Garage in Thamesmead for a thorough car check up?

We provide the best possible care for your vehicle

We utilise advanced and modern technology to diagnose issues with your vehicle.

Our solutions provide long-term protection and are economical.

We provide one of the best car maintenance and repair services in United Kingdom.

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