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The car battery depends on the age of the vehicle, the mileage, the frequency and the way the car is driven. It should be regularly checked every year to minimise any unexpected car breakdowns.

Battery Bitterness?

  • The car does not crank or start when turning the key.
  • The car cranking occurs but no other function of the vehicle.
  • The lights do not come on when the car is started.
  • The electricals within the car do not function properly.
  • Lights get dimmed quickly or start blinking
  • Alternator malfunctions
  • Batteries die midway after few minutes of driving
  • Difficulty to restart after the engine has been dormant for long periods of time.
  • A damaged battery case causing swift corrosion
  • Damage and corrosion to the terminals of the battery causing a fluid imbalance.
  • Speedy discharging of the battery despite several jumps

Better the Battery!

  • Ageing vehicles have a greater chance of having a dying battery. It is recommended to get the battery replaced after every 4 years.
  • Get a thorough car battery check-up every year

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Drive in at our Auto Garage in Thamesmead and let us look into the problems. We at Portmill Engineering Limited are committed to provide the best care for your vehicle. Our efficient technical team will look into the health of the vehicle and help to diagnose any kind of minor issue before it develops into a major repairing expense and difficulty. We care for your life and car and hence provide solutions that will prevent any unexpected breakdown or an accident.

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