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A vehicle servicing is important in order to prevent unforeseen dangers. Constant monitoring and diagnosis of the car components and their condition helps to identify any issues before it turns serious. This helps to economise both, time, effort and expense.


  • There are basic few maintenance methods which you can conduct on a regular basis yourself.
  • Ensure that your car is washed and cleaned when dropping the vehicle off at a service centre. This helps to ease the process of diagnosis and is also a positive gesture.
  • Bring your vehicle to a good, reputed auto garage preferably once every year for a thorough service session.
  • Make sure that the ones who handle your vehicle are trained licensed mechanics.

What happens during a car service session?

  • Diagnosis of the car condition is made through the inspection of important modules of the vehicle.
  • The shock absorption and suspension functions of the vehicle is examined.
  • The air, exhaust and fuel filters are assessed and cleaned if required. Sometimes, replaced.
  • Wipers, windows, windscreen, mirrors are checked.
  • Steering wheel movement, gears, brake, accelerator, and other crucial driving components are assessed.
  • Battery power, charging systems and internal wiring systems are checked and repaired if required.
  • Tyre conditions, and distribution of air pressure is checked along with wheel alignment.
  • A few additional checks may be made if required and the car is returned in a fully functional state.

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At Portmill Engineering Limited we provide the finest car maintenance services at our Auto Care Garage in Thamesmead. This includes complete scrutiny and inspection of the car condition and diagnosis with the help of advanced technology. We also provide a long-term protective service to prevent any sudden breakdown.

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