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A good exhaust system of the vehicle will ensure optimised usage of fuel which increases longevity of the vehicle. It keeps the noxious carbon monoxide fumes out. The exhaust system also helps to maintain the efficiency of the car engine.

When the exhaust system leaks, it can create potential danger for the car and the driver. Firstly the toxic fumes will affect physiologically. Secondly, the efficiency of the car is ruined and can wreak havoc on the motor components. Exhaust leaks when attended to while it's still minor, will be a more economical solution. Once it increases and starts damaging other parts of the car, it can prove a very dear bargain.

Sniff out an exhaust leak

  • The unusual smell of gas
  • A burning scent from the car engine area

Other methods to tell if there’s a leak

  • The engine heats up and can simply give up suddenly due to excess heat causing catalytic damage. This will be an expensive repairing unless checked in time.
  • Noisy rumbling sounds every time you turn the key.
  • Grinding noises and extreme vibrations when attempting to accelerate and difficulty to speed up.
  • The exhaust pipe is broken, hanging and dragging along the ground.

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Bring your vehicle to the Portmill Engineering Limited Auto Garage and entrust it to our seasoned hands.

With advanced methodology and technology, we will look into the issues and accurately identify what is wrong with your favourite car.

We promise to employ the best of resources to make your car fit as a fiddle, not rattle like one.

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