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Fleet Servicing

The job of a fleet service management team includes a number of different activities. The maintenance of the vehicles is inclusive of keeping track of the number of vehicles, which vehicle has been employed for what purpose, the client information, safety measures and constant monitoring of the vehicle’s health. The handler of a fleet service must have experience in the transportation industry to excel at this service.

What is Fleet Service?

  • Fleet servicing includes a number of different transportation services.
  • The vehicles of a fleet service are generally used for a number of commercial purposes.
  • The vehicles are maintained, managed and repaired by the transportation company.
  • The vehicles are constantly monitored for the health and safety and has to conform to certain authorizations before they can be used for commercial purpose.

Additional services

  • Fleet management also includes the monitoring of driver behaviours.
  • Besides the management of vehicles, fleet management also includes an efficient management of manpower and staff productivity.
  • Fleet services aim to provide maximum efficiency of services in a short period of time.
  • Fleet services also ensure a constant check on the funding in order to maintain the cars and staff with the highest quality of services.
  • A constant security check needs to be conducted in order to minimise misuse of resources.
  • Being able to remotely operate or disable a vehicle in case of some emergency is an important inclusion of fleet services.

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Besides providing the best repair and maintenance services at our Auto Garage in Thamesmead, Portmill Engineering Limited also provides a very efficient fleet servicing.

The fleet services are maintained through remote technological control, constant monitoring, regular maintenance and highly trained personnel.

We ensure the security and safety of our vehicles constantly and a smooth day-to-day operating system is mandatory for our fleet services.

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