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Garage Servicing

A vehicle servicing is important in order to prevent unforeseen dangers. Constant monitoring and diagnosis of the car components and their condition helps to identify any issues before it turns serious. This helps to economise both, time, effort and expense.

Car-ing for you!

  • At the automobile garage, the service providers help to make your car feel and look brand new.
  • Trained mechanical personnel provide re-painting services for any chipped or damaged paint on the body.
  • At a car garage, you can also avail washing and cleaning services.
  • You can also give you car a new makeover by changing the interiors, painting the body in a new colour, adding stickers and other décor elements of your choice.
  • Get your windscreen replaced, change windows or repair the headlights at an auto garage.
  • Repair dents and damages on the car body.
  • Get a deep cleaning procedure conducted for the exhaust filters and other filters.
  • You can also avail a replacement for the refrigerant of the car air-conditioner.

What’s more?

  • Get guidance on how to make your car look better
  • Avail minor servicing and inspection for your car to maintain the vehicle health

Bring your car to us!

At Portmill Engineering Limited we aim to provide the finest car maintenance and repair services at our Auto Care Garage in Thamesmead.

We make a thorough analysis and diagnosis of the car condition This includes complete scrutiny and inspection of the car condition and diagnosis with the help of advanced technology. We also provide a long-term protective service to prevent any sudden breakdown.

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