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The MOT is your Motor Cycle’s medical certificate.

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Motor Cycle MOT

The MOT or the Ministry of Transport certification is conducted annually and is a required certification in the United Kingdom. A thorough assessment of the motorbike condition and the quality of the emissions are checked.

The test ensures the safety of allowing the motorbike/ motorcycle / scooter to operate on the roads.

Motor Cycle MOT Analysis

  • Inspection of the motor cycle tyres
  • Inspection of the emission exhausts, emission quality
  • Scrutiny of the brakes, accelerator, clutch, indicator and headlights
  • Scrutiny of the steering functions, locks and windscreens
  • Scrutiny of motorcycle parts such as mirrors, frames, and suspension system; exhaust system, horns, security of the rider’s seat, sprockets, throttles, footrest and other important parts of the motorcycle.
  • Survey of other accepted car conditions
  • Government approved certifications for the motorcycle to be allowed on the United Kingdom roads

Can we help?

Of course we can!
  • We are an authorized moto repairing garage of the United Kingdom to be allowed to run examinations on motor vehicles for the MOT certifications.
  • We ensure the MOT verification process in a smooth and economical manner.
  • We utilise the best technology for accurate scrutiny of vehicle condition.
  • We assess all the parts of your vehicle and ensure its best condition for a smooth functioning and provide protection against any unexpected breakdowns. We look after the tyres, brakes, steering, light indicators and gears and other crucial parts of the car with utmost attention.
  • We maintain the approved standards of assessment, as authorized by the Department of Transport, Great Britain.

What should you do?

Leave your vehicle with us for the highest quality of maintenance support, repairs and all required certifications to be processed with zero hassles. Pay us a visit to our Portmill Engineering Limited Auto Care garage at Thamesmead.

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