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The car tyre is a protective covering that is provided on the rim of the car wheels. It is manufactured to undertake the vehicle’s weight, protect against all kinds of rough road surfaces, prevent shocks and secure the tyres. There are several different types of tyres that are used for a variety of needs. Tyres are also manufactured from a variety of materials, mostly of rubbers, synthetic fibres, wear resistant cords and other visco-elastic compounds. The tyre material is also important in absorbing shocks, preventing quick corrosion and even distribution of pressure. Tires are also responsible for correct wheel alignment, air inflation, speed and rotation of the wheels and maintaining the balance of the vehicle.

Tyre Care

Tyre Care is not complicated if conducted on a regular basis.

Older cars and cars with high mileage need maximum tyre care.

Always check for any kind of puncture, deflation, alignment problems, screeching sounds and corrosion.

Tyre Tip

Don’t forget to keep an extra tyre in your vehicle to quickly replace in case of a puncture or damage. Although it is not always enforced by traffic laws, it is best to be safe than sorry.

Keep a mini tyre repair kit in your car. It is commercially available and is a great help in any kind of motor crisis.

Opt for a tyre replacement every 5 to 7 years. It protects against unforeseen breakdowns.

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We assure you of the best care, maintenance and solutions at our Portmill Engineering Limited Auto Garage in Thamesmead. We employ advanced technology and manual expertise to provide you with economical and long-term protection. Call us without delay.

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