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Wheel Alignment

Unusual wheel alignment can cause differences in tyre pressure which can lead to disbalance and damage of the car. It can be a dangerous issue to overlook and should be attended to while its still minor. Regular check-up of the wheel alignment is a mandatory procedure.

What is a wheel alignment issue?

  • The uneven placing of the tyres when the car is in a stationary position.
  • The unusual swaying of the car during speeding
  • The vehicle pulling to a side when trying to accelerate.
  • The car is aligned to one side and not in a straight line.
  • Screeching sounds of the tires when trying to move
  • The tires refuse to rotate properly and feel extremely constrained.

How severe is the problem?

  • Lack of maintenance can cause the wheels of the vehicle to become misaligned. This problem is common in vehicles that are ageing and frequently travel long distances at high speed.
  • Misalignment of wheels cause disbalance and the driver may lose control of the vehicle completely, especially during making a turn. This can increase the chances of a turnover or accident immensely and must be attended to immediately.
  • The tyres can wear out easily and get damaged prematurely.
  • The tyre damages can slowly lead to wear and tear of the vehicle suspension issues.

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