Pickup & Dropoff

We make sure your car gets back home safe.
Car pickup & dropoff service Thamesmead

Get your car picked and dropped at your doorstep, along with an attentive health check up of your vehicle and the finest repairing services to prevent any unexpected stalling of the vehicle. We also promise to ensure the smoothest drive for the longest time.

We love providing super comfortable and convenient services to our clients without burning a hole in the pocket. Just give us a call and we will take care of the rest.

Pickup & drop off is available within a 5-mile radius

Car pickup & dropoff service Thamesmead
Car pickup & dropoff service
Car pickup & dropoff Thamesmead

Unable to get the car to the garage?

  • Call us to rescue your vehicle from a sudden breakdown
  • Worried about driving to us because of drained battery, unreliable engine health or bad brakes?
  • Driver didn’t turn up?

We will help!

If you are living within 10 miles of our Thamesmead Auto Garage of Portmill Engineering Limited, we will provide you a personalised pick up service for your car.

Once we have run a thorough servicing, maintenance work and diagnosis, we will come back and return your car in the best of health.

Why should you choose us?

  • At Portmill Engineering Limited, we understand how much your car means to you and aim to provide the best care and services for your vehicle.
  • At the Thamesmead Auto Garage, we employ our finest technical experts and diagnostic tools to analyse the health of the car.
  • We attempt to thwart any threat at its inception that can cause unexpected breakdowns or accidents.
  • We also aim to prevent any malfunction that can prove to be a heavy financial burden on our clients.
  • Our solutions are not only long lasting but also economical.
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