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What is computer diagnostic check?

Explained in easy words

With the help of technological advancement and certain kinds of specialized software, auto garages can now access your car’s onboard technology and run a complete diagnosis to understand the issues, and even provide solutions. All done remotely. The authorized technicians will have access to the manufacturer’s and the car’s internal technological information that contains vehicle details.

Virtual Doctor!

  • Electrical wiring of the car components can be assessed remotely in order to identify issues with the air-conditioner, air flow issues, ignition disorders and other internal auto electric problems.
  • The car’s computerized systems consist of highly advanced micro-processers and in-built chips.
  • Identifying vehicle issues is no longer a cumbersome and time-consuming process. The experts can now comfortably and quickly discover when components appear out of range or show errors in their functioning.
  • In case of used second-hand cars, a computer diagnosis of the vehicle helps the buyer’s discretion about owning the vehicle or analyse any issues with the vehicle which can later become a major trouble.

When should you get help?

  • Don’t wait for the engine lights to blink and warn you.
  • An annual computer diagnosis is recommended in order to prevent any issues from deepening and spreading.
  • Regular check-ups is mandatory
  • Allowing computer access to the authorized technicians is important to identify issues before they actually start showing up.

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At Portmill Engineering Limited we aim to provide your car several thousand more smooth mileages with the help of the finest car maintenance and repair services at our Auto Care Garage in Thamesmead.

We provide complete scrutiny of the car condition with the help of advanced technology. We also provide a long-term protective service to prevent any sudden breakdown and vehicle health.

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