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Car Repairs

A car repair is usually conducted by a qualified and trained automobile mechanic. It is done to fix any damage or issues with the electricals of the car. A timely repair helps to prolong the usage of the vehicle, prevents spread of damage and causing a huge expense.

Need a Fix?

  • Screeching sounds from the wheels
  • Creaking and Throbbing when trying to turn on the car ignition
  • Unwanted swaying of the car, causing a potentially dangerous disbalance
  • Over consumption of fuel or battery power
  • Issues with the electricals, trouble with the functions of the air conditioner, car entertainment system such as the radio and audio
  • Any kind of gaseous or fluid leakage.
  • Any kind of unpleasant smell in the car interiors.
  • Stiffness or unusual vibration of the steering wheel, gears or the brake, clutch and accelerator.
  • Dimmed headlights, faulty indicators
  • Damages and dents on the car body
  • Broken lights, windows or other components of the vehicles
  • Suspension damage causing a bumpy rough ride

Here’s what you should be looking for

  • Allow the car mechanic and experts to diagnose the car and minutely inspect for all possible issues.
  • Communicate clearly to understand what exactly went wrong and the extent of damage.
  • Only the best auto garages can guarantee an economical and high quality of repair services.

You are welcome!

Portmill Engineering Limited welcomes you to our Auto Care Garage in Thamesmead for an expert check-up with the help of advanced technology, minute inspection and long term accurate solutions for your car

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